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Harold James is an Expert Hair Colorist using top of the line, eco-friendly, products such as the Italian, Tocco Magico. The Products may be Green but your Hair will never be (Unless, that’s the original intent, of course)!

Tocco Magico Hair Color

The Beauty Asylum uses only the finest hair-coloring product available, Tocco Magico. Manufactured in Italy for the past 75 years, Tocco Magico truly represents the history of international hairstyling and fashion.

Respect for nature and the work ethic are the bedrock foundations of this brand that always strives to maintain its image at the pinnacle of the industry.

Eco-friendly, Tocco Magico Colorton hair color formulation is rich in plant extracts that act in a restorative manner, much more soothing and certainly less irritating than common hair color products; leaving the hair shiny and soft.

Tocco Magico contains a low ammonia concentration in a coconut creme base, utilizing herbal extracts and moisturizing emollients, such as:

Added as an agent for shiny hair

Used for cleansing

Included for its astringent effect on sensitive skin

Included as a purifying agent

Birch Sap & Leaf Extract
Used for hair its restorative properties

Added for increased hair elasticity and its antioxidant qualities

Included for its purifying and stimulating properties

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